shut-up shelley
Wednesday Night Slam Open Host circa 1994

Despite the fact that Shut-Up Shelley has most likely not been shutting up lately, current information remains unavailable. She was a fantastic Poetry Slam host, pretty wild and very theatrical. You will see her in the film "SlamNation" as the National Team coach, along with Beau Sia, muMs, Saul and Jessica. She was also probably the most "decorative" and beautiful Friday Night Slam Scorekeeper we ever had!

When Ava Chin, in "TimeOut/NY" came to see the Wednesday Night Slam, she wrote "Shut-Up Shelley's slam is a carnival of comedic monologue and narrative poetry. " That was pretty much what it was like – Shelley entertained the audience! Her poetry appears in "Verses That Hurt: Pleasure and Pain from the PoemFone Poets" (St. Martin’s, 1997), along with the poetry of Allen Ginsberg.

Two of her poems ("Fuck Art" and "Mantra') appear on, along with legendary poetic personalities like Nicole Blackman, Penny Arcade and Sparrow. If you're out there, Shelley, we'd love to hear what you've been up to! Email here.

Photo was taken from 1996 Grand Slam video footage by Tom Poole.