The Calling
by Peter of the Earth 

Searching for the missing pieces that is me
I want to know what it’s like to be out from under my own thumb
To run to places I dream about when I’m sleeping
When I’m awake
To wake

I’d be floating on a sea
I’d be free
Like the breeze on my back
Be slick
I’d swim like Dolphins till my skin stretches and wrinkles
Feels like pins and needles
Piercing my fins till it hurts
But I don’t want to stop ”˜cause I like it
Get all caught up in it
Like the sun
Washing me through my window at noon
Warming me in my bed when I’m not working
Like the music from y alarm clock that gives me no choice but to rise and dance
Lift the air up from under my feet and fly
To see out of my third eye and speaks
Words kept secret and silent for generations
By grandmothers who told you no to unleash them except for when you need
Or when you get the spirit or
Some spirit gets you


That open up the way to worlds long past and
Those you just create by thinking them
And when you sleep their people come to meet and great
Eat and commune with ”

Do you remember when we were gods?

I’m talking about that power we’ve always had but chose
No choose
To ignore no longer
To grow stronger with the power to unleash our own Orisha and
The knowledge needed to maintain it
To open my lips and spit fire or
Breath life into someone with a kiss ”
Wait ”
I already have that gift

But to have it refined
With all the gifts that are mine
To know what it’s like to be air or rain
Who seductively wrap and stickily drip down strong trunks and
Green leaves of trees, soft blossoms of flowers
Who open themselves up to take them in
Then turn them out into creation
For us to live
And breathe
And drink

Think of all there is to be done this life around
To raise my ancestors from the ground at the rapture and
Take them home now that I have come into being
My mothers
Who scrubbed windows and floors
Forced behind doors to do things we were told were unspeakable
To speak of such things
To raise kings from dark Christian cemeteries and return their bodies to sarcophagi
Or offer them to nature so their spirits may fly
To look in the face of our impotent captors
And forgive
And cry when it is finally over
So we can laugh once back on the path we were one when the world was pagan ”˜cause
We were of the earth who birthed
And gave us nourishment

To evolve to the next step of our continuum
And help those still struggling through lifetimes
To unlock my mind and know what I’m supposed to
Relieve the pain that torments and drains my spirit
I can no longer ignore that I have the calling I have the calling

And with each breath I fall deeper under the spell that derives from this incantation
It is Word
And god
In the beginning I was
And Am
And the things I see
That I desire and need
I will receive
And my will will be free
Once I give up my attempts of control of others
Of me
”˜cause we all want to be in this creation

I want to receive revelations that will make rivers turn fast onto deserts
And rejuvenate them to jungles of Eden
Or simply leave them if that be their freedom
But to see them
And be them
And then
I can say I was human and
move on

Salvation Song”¦

The calling

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