clare's nuyorican slam "family" album

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Here are some of my Nuyorican snapshots dating from 1998 until 2007. You'll see photos of National Slams, Spotlight Poets, and Nuyorican staff here; photos from the after-party when the film "Pinero" opened in 2001, and some of my favorite photos of people like Felice Belle and Lois Griffith. At the end, I've included the photography of my friend Jody Berenblatt, who has taken many photos for the Nuyorican. This is a series of Miguel in action, and I really love it.

Lots of people and moments are missing here so this is a very brief history of my affectionate Nuyorican eyes.

This photo of me taken by Felice Belle in the Nuyorican alleyway in 2007. Read "How This Project Came To Be" to get my backstory.Photos subject to copyright and cannot be used without permission.