herb brooks

A native of Newark NJ, Herb has been involved with the New York artistic community since 1992. In his short 33 years, he has taken many incarnations: writer, singer, dancer, musician and actor. Recently, he has combined all of these into his prime passion, filmmaking, earning a degree from NYU. As a lighting technician, he has lent his expertise to both film and theatre projects. Mr. Brooks' shows include work with the Mark Morris Dance Group, Meredith Monk, Alvin Ailey and Philadanco. He has also acted as Chief lighting technician for the past three SpokenWorks ROAR Theatre Festivals as well as many other productions at the Nuyorican Poet's Cafe. Film work includes "Dummy" with Adrian Brody (2002), "JailBait" with Michael Pitt (2003) and segments for the Sundance Channel and Macy's.

He continues to work as a videographer for short films, documentaries and Community events. His focus in video is arts and culture and its effects on society. 

"I had heard about and visited the Nuyorican before and in 1993, decided to do a video project on it for school. Bob Holman was hosting that blustery January night, the energy of the place was aflame. I knew then, crowd- crushed against the brick wall with my camera, that I was capturing something special.  To me, the Nuyorican is more than a collective of ranters and Midnight ravers. More than a bunch of smooth-talking wordsmiths grandstanding for glory. This is the common ground where the new oral historians create myths and reveal realities. It's the Speak Easy oasis in a land where free speech has become the fugitive. It is the lineage house of oral tradition from African Griots to the Bible; to the blues; to the Bebop; to the Boriccua Bomba Plena playing in the Barrios. And that lineage must continue with time. Over the past four years, I have attempted to aide in the retention of the Nuyorican lineage by fusing its rich history with technology in co-operation with the keeper of the flame, the High Priestess of slampoetry, Clare Ultimo. I am grateful for the opportunity to take part in continuing the legacy.