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1. Nuyorican Related

Books by specific Nuyorican Poetry Slam SlamMasters and poets are not listed here for the obvious reasons: there are simply too many to note. Many poetry books by our Founding Poets are rare and out-of-print right now. If you don't already have your copy of "Aloud", please buy one. It would be a great place to start to do your own research on these fantastic earlier writers at the Nuyorican.

Aloud: Voices from the Nuyorican Poets Cafe by Miguel Algarin and Bob Holman, Henry Holt & Co, 1994.The classic text that puts the Founding Poets and the earliest Spoken Word movement poets in one place. Buy it here.

Nuyorican Poetry: An Anthology of Puerto Rican Words and Feelings by Miguel Algarin and Miguel Pinero. (Now out of print but still a few rare copies available so look around. It's a fantastic backdrop to everything that came later if you can get your hands on it.)

Poetry by Miguel Algari­n

Love Is Hard Work: Memorias de Loisaida, Scribner 1997
Buy it here.

Body Bee Calling from the Twenty-First Century, Arte Publico Press, 1982.
Buy it here.

Time's Now/Ya Es Tiempo, Arte Publico Press, 1985
Buy it here.

On Call, Arte Publico Press, 1980.
Buy it here.

Burning Down the House: Selected Poems from the Nuyorican Poets Cafe's National Poetry Slam Champions, Soft Skull Press. This was written by the members of the 1998 Nuyorican National Slam Team - Buy it here

2. General Poetry Slam Related

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Slam Poetry by Marc Smith, Alpha Books, 2004.
Buy it here.

Hewitt's Guide to Slam Poetry and Poetry Slam (with DVD) by Geof Hewitt, Discover Writing Press, 2005.
Buy it here.

Poetry Slam: The Competitive Art of Performance Poetry by Gary Mex Glazner, Manic D Press, 2000.
Buy it here.

Slam  Edited by Cecily Von Ziegesar, Alloy Books, 2000. Has a lot of various Nuyorican Slam poets in it, including Dot Portella and Felice Belle.
Buy it here.

Slam Edited by Richard Stratton and Kim Wozencraft, Grove Press, 1998. Companion book to the film starring Saul Williams 1996 Grand Slam Champion.
Buy it here.

The Spoken Word Revolution (slam, hip-hop & the poetry of a new generation) by Mark Eleveld, sourcebooks/mediaFusion, 2002.
Buy it here.

Words In Your Face: A Guided Tour Through Twenty Years of the New York City Poetry Slam by Cristin O'Keefe Aptowicz, Soft Skull Press, 2007.
Buy it here.

3. Culture and Context Related

A Day in the Life; An Anthology of Writings from the Lower East Side 1940-1990 by Alan Moore and Josh Gosciak, Contact II Pubns (January 1990)
Buy it here.

All Poets Welcome: The Lower East Side Poetry Scene in the 1960s, (includes 35-track CD of audio clips of poetry readings) by Daniel Kane, University of California Press, 2003.
Buy it here.

A Secret Location On The Lower East Side: Adventures in Writing 1960-1980  by Jerome Rothenberg. Contributions by Steven Clay, Rodney Phillips, Granary Books ,1998. Buy it here.

The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry by Alan Kaufman, Thunder's Mouth Press, 1999.
Buy it here.

How to Read an Oral Poem by John Miles Foley, University of Illinois Press, 2002. A rich and relevant study of the subject that includes the author's experience with Spoken Word poetry and the Nuyorican Poets Cafe. See also the organization that John created.
Buy it here.

The New Beats: Exploring the Music, Culture and Attitudes of Hip-Hop by S.H. Fernando Jr., Anchor Books Doubleday 1994. Out of print now but a few copies are around the internet. It's totally worth finding if you can.


Left Lane: On the Road with Folk Poet Alix Olsen, A Film by Samantha Farinella, 2006. Alix was a member of the 1998 Nuyorican National Team and this fantastic, beautifully done road trip across America is charged with poetry, feminism and passion for change.
Buy it on Alix's site.

Poetry Slam Inc. Presents the World's Greatest Poetry Slam Live from Chicago 2003, Poetry Slam Inc. This contains the performances of the Nuyorican 2003 National Team.
Buy it the Video section of the Poetry Slam Inc. site.

Russell Simmons presents Def Poetry, Warner Home Video.
(Several seasons are on DVD) Many Nuyorican Slam poets are featured in this series. You'll just have to buy them all and see for yourself!
Buy it here.

Slam, Marc Levin, Lions Gate, 1998
Stars Saul Williams, 1996 Nuyorican Grand Slam Champion.
Buy it here.

SlamNation: The Sport of Spoken Word, Paul Devlin, Cinema Guild Inc. 1998
Buy it here.

The United States of Poetry, PBS Series, Tapeworm Studios, 1995
Not available on DVD, but rare and expensive VHS copies are around but would be worth it if you could afford. Founding SlamMaster Bob Holman helped to create this series.


Almost every single state in the USA with a Poetry Slam has their own website and many of them are named and linked on the Poetry Slam Inc. website. Please check them out.

A Gathering of the Tribes
Lower East Side legend, long-time Poetry Slam supporter and celebrated writer Steve Cannon resides at the heart of Tribes. Home of the "Stoop" poetry workshops of the 90s (right before the Friday Night Poetry Slam), no history of Nuyorican Slam would be complete without knowing him or his work.

Bowery Poetry Club
So many things to so many people, the Bowery Poetry Club was founded by Bob Holman, and is the home of the Urbana National Slam Team.

CD Baby
An great online record store that works with independent musicians as well as a lot of spoken word artists and poetry.

Def Poetry Jam
All kinds of background and information on the HBO series that has featured so many Nuyorican Slam Poets.

Eadon's Place
The first 24/7 poetry and spoken word internet radio network, begun and curated by Nuyorican SlamMaster Keith Roach and poet Linda DiFeterici. Tune in any time day or night and hear a huge variety of excellent work (from the past, present and future of poetry!) or check out a poet interview by Keith.

A weekly poetry reading and Slam series initially begun by several members of the 1998 Nuyorican National Slam Team (including Roger Bonair Agard, Lynne Procope and Guy LeCharles Gonzalez) LouderArts has now grown and developed into a non-profit that develops workshops and poetic events throughout the year.

Marc Smith, the Slampapi

This site was begun by John Miles Foley.Cultural and Context Related) out of the University of Missouri and the Center for Studies in Oral Tradition. It encourages dialogue and participation across many related subjects and is a great resource for interested educators and academics.
A great place to buy CDs of your favorite current Slam and Spoken Word poets. Nuyorican SlamMistress, Mahogany Browne is the wonderful proprieter of this site.

Poetry Camp
Linked to and also through Poetry Slam Inc., this group develops a cross-training conference each year for Performance Poets as well as Slammers.

Poetic License
A fantastic resource for teachers.

Poetry Slam Inc
A home base for the entire National Poetry Slam scene (among other things) and not to be missed.

Slam Idol
A pretty recent website development, but many Nuyorican Slam Poets are on this site and all you can vote for them here too.

United States of Poetry

Urban Word
At the forefront of youth Poetry Slam in the United States, this group is too relevant to talk about briefly here. Urban Word holds yearly National Slams and has turned out some of the most interesting young poets on the scene. Nuyorican Grand Slam Champion 2007, Aja Monet, as well as other members of the 2007 National Team are veterans of Urban Word.

Women of the World Poetry Slam
A site dedicated to the females of the genre.

Youth Speaks
Founded in 1996 and begun in the Bay Area of California, this non-profit creates performance, education and youth development programs.