Nuyorican Host circa 1992-1997

Indigo was a regular fixture at the Nuyorican in the early days of Poetry Slam. His off-handed (and left-handed!) style, both as a host and a poet were entirely entertaining and he was a much loved part of the scene. Indigo did host Friday Night Slams while Bob was SlamMaster, but not in any regular fashion and even invented a few Poetry Slam themes (like the Left-Handed Poets Slam), so unlike others in this section, he sort of defies a category.

Still in the process of discovering his recent whereabouts (email and let us know!), here's some stuff that we do know about him: He founded the "Left-Handed Poets", was the constant Scorekeeper of the Slams (that unforgettable voice yelling "28.2" or whatever). He was the "Heckler's Slam" Champion ( early Slam category), and his poetry can be found in "Aloud: Voices from the Nuyorican Poets Cafe".

Arthur Higbee wrote in  the "International Herald Tribune" (1993):

"Mr. Indigo, 24, a student at Hunter College, waxed poetic about left-handers. 'I've always had the feeling that left-handed people were more creative,' he told The New York Times. 'They learn at an early age to do everything in the way that right-handed people do, so they need to show initiative.' "

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Photo by Clare Ultimo/"SlamBook" magazine.