keith roach
Open Room Host: 1992-1995

Keith Roach is an unusual combination of poet, literary observer, and community builder. After hosting the Open Room, and becoming Friday Night SlamMaster, he became the guiding force behind the Nuyorican Slam scene that we have come to know today. The list of poets he has affected and influenced reads like  a "who's who" of definitive slammers:  Alix Olsen, Steve Colman, Roger Bonair Agard, Taalam Acey, Felice Belle, Nathan P,...the list is long.

He is fairly legendary in the Slam community, and has played a role in the National scene as well through the years, accompanying the teams from 1994-1999, (except for 1996) and was right there when his National Team won the competition in Austin in 1998. He is the author of "The World Changes at the Expense of Black People" published by Clique Calm Books, and is the Producer and host of  "Eadon's Place", the only 24/7 Poetry/SpokenWord/IndieArtists internet broadcast around. His show is called "Conversations".

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