tish benson
1994 Nuyorican Grand Slam Champion

turah (tish benson) is an experimental video and ancient funk performance artist hoodoo shaman water bone rootworker who writes spells that are converted into profit making award winning movies for hollywood. She builds her writings, voices and scents from doing indepth anthropological fieldstudy and research of ancient khemit juju based on her family's secret dreamworking and callin' forth the dead.  For the past 7 years she has been living mainly on a stipened given to her by the Esther Walker Benson Foundation for Southern Black Girls who grew up with no father and a po' black struggling momma who tapped into high divine mind manifestation, Inc. This stipened has enabled her to do research on mythology in urban culture (from creationism to dark goddess to death to rebirth) and develop the town of Scenicville Texas as a testimony to the memory of them first african's who never forgot their superpowers in spite of slavery and niggaraciousness.

See National Teams/1994.

For more info check out goddess-turah.blogspot.com.