bryonn bain
2000 Nuyorican Grand Slam Champion

Bryonn Bain is Brooklyn's own spoken word champion and hip hop poet.  Interweaving social justice themes and spirituality with intricate wordplay and soaring stage presence, Bain was wrongfully imprisoned by the NYPD during his second year at Harvard law school.  Bryonn sued the City of New York, was interviewed by Mike Wallace on CBS' "60 Minutes," and wrote the Village Voice cover story  -  "Walking While Black: The Bill of Rights for Black America"  -  which drew the largest response in the history of the nation's most widely-read progressive newspaper.  Described by Cornel West as "...a poet who speaks his truth with a power we desperately need to hear," Bain has lectured and performed at over 100 colleges and universities worldwide, and shared stages with The Last Poets, Amiri Baraka, Sonia Sanchez, Run DMC, and Dead Prez.  For the past five years, Bain has organized workshops and performances in prisons across the country with his grassroots organization's award-winning "Lyrics on Lockdown Tour."  Currently teaching courses exploring hip hop, spoken word poetry and the prison industrial complex at Columbia University, Bain also hosts BET-J's leading talk show "My Two Cents" on air each week in 27 million homes nationwide.Crowned the Nuyorican Grand Slam Poetry Champion in 2000, Bain's acclaimed debut album "Problem Child: The Philosophy and Opinions..." fuses hip hop with spoken word and the world music he grew up with as the son of African and Indian parents who immigrated from Trinidad to Brooklyn.  Sold out on CD, in New York state prisons, at colleges throughout the nation, as well as on two european tours, you can now sample tracks and purchase your own copy of this future-classic album online at:  The groundbreaking music video - "Ancestors Watching" - executive produced by Warrington Hudlin (of "House Party," "Boomerang" and "Posse" fame) is available online as well. See his sites: and for updates on recent projects.

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