andrew tyree
2005 Nuyorican Grand Slam Champion

Born Andrew Tyree Wilson Clinkscale, in Nuremberg, Germany, Andrew began dancing at the age of four and playing the violin at five. He eventually became the youngest person and the only African American to tour with the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra, and to receive a scholarship to the Milwaukee Conservatory of Music. At fourteen he began modeling for JCPenneys and Marshalls.

In 2003 with enough determination to fill the Grand Canyon, Andrew set out to New York to begin an acting career. His first stop was the Nite Star Acting Ensemble, where his love for poetry began. Since then Andrew has gone on to act in six Off-Broadway productions, win the 2004 National Slam Bush Poetry Slam, and to perform at the Nuyorican and The Bowery Poetry Club, Food for Thought and a number of others. He has also written and stared in his own stage play titled, "Therapy Session." Upcoming projects include a TV pilot, and a couple of independent films. Andrew is an artistically driven man, destined for success. You can find Andrew at his MySpace page.

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