1995 Nuyorican National Slam Team

hil cato

Hilary Stabb (as she is now known) has a few credits on stage and screen as Hil Cato. Under that name until 2004, she wrote poetry and fiction, appeared as a spoken-word artist, performed with jazz bands, painted, did some art production for the NYC club and party scene, produced a few shows on the internet, and wrote lyrics for rock band The Deep Down. In May 2004, she married Tom Stabb,... more››

xavier cavazos

A close up portrait of Xavier written in 2000 by Jason Sanford, and originally published in "Siren" tells us that before our 1995 Grand Slam Champion took the title, he toured the West Coast on a Poetry Tour with Allen Ginsberg, his dear friend, along with a master poet from Thailand named Navarat Pongpaiboon. Xavier ended up touring Thailand himself with a six-week itinerary... more››


Poppy began a publishing venture called Clique Calm that has published a book of poetry by Keith Roach as well as many others. Please see cliquecalm.com for updates on recent books and projects.

crystal williams

Crystal Williams is a Professor of English and has taught at Reed College in Oregon and at Columbia College Chicago. Ms. Williams is the author of "Kin" and "Lunatic". Her poetry appears in magazines such as "Luna", "Fourth River", "Callaloo", "The Indiana Review", and in the anthologies: American Poetry: The Next... more››