1996 Nuyorican National Slam Team

In case you didn't already know, the entire Nuyorican 1996 National Team were featured in the film "SlamNation" by five-time Emmy Award winner, Paul Devlin. It's an incredibly engaging behind-the-scenes look at what it was like to participate on the National Poetry Slam stage in 1996. You can buy it here, if you don't already own it, but please find a way to see it...it was the first of the Poetry Slam film genre, and was also co-produced by our very own Tom Poole.


jessica care moore

If the conversation is "this new generation of poets," then at some point the name Jessica Care moore will inevitably come up. Jessica Care moore-Poole is the CEO of the thriving publishing house, Moore Black Press. One of the most celebrated, published poets and public speakers of her generation, jessica Care moore has issued a strong, defiant, and educated voice into the... more››

muMs da schemer

Known to fans as Poet, of the acclaimed HBO series "OZ", Craig Grant aka muMs, took the star off his dressing room door, placed it on his chest and moved on when the show was done. He went back to regain his place in the passion-driven profession where he received notoriety before HBO exec, TOM FONTANA, implanted him on the screen.


muMs is a lover... more››

beau sia

beau sia is the son of chinese immigrants from the philippines. he is  a member of six national poetry slam teams, four of which were in the  finals, two of which won the championship. he's one of the original  cast members of the tony award winning def poetry jam on broadway, and  has appeared on every season of hbo's russell simmons presents def  poetry. he was also... more››

saul williams

To thousands of youth across America, Saul Williams has defined and redefined poetry as an accessible, living art form. His poetry has served as the archetype for a new generation of poets and spoken word artists.

His groundbreaking work as a writer and actor in the critically acclaimed film, "Slam" (Sundance's Grand Jury Prize '98; Cannes' Camera D'Or '98); placed... more››