2002 Nuyorican National Slam Team


Photo: Clare Ultimo
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kahlil almustafa

kahlil almustafa is the People’s Poet, whether for a mass rally of hundreds of people, a nightclub, church, university or a backyard family reunion.  He uses the stage & page to speak the truth of the people.  almustafa is the author of two collections of poetry: "Grandma's Soup" (February 2001) and "I'm Crying Everyone's Tears" (August 2002)... more››

julia barnes (Alternate)

Julia B. is a student, writer, teacher, activist and itinerant city girl who calls four cities in the Western Hemisphere home. Originally from the wilds of suburban New Jersey, she currently resides in Newark and attends NYU. Julia's next destination is Shanghai, China, where she'll be working on fluency in her fourth language and studying urban education. When she isn't... more››


Devynity, born Devyn Wray, began writing poetry in the 6th grade. She first hit the stage at age 14 after her mentor, Barbara Bethea, introduced her to performance poetry. While attending the prestigious LaGuardia High School of Performing Arts, Devynity began performing at small local venues. Devynity won best young poet at The Hottest Poets venue in 1998. She has performed at the National... more››

kamal symonette-dixon

Kamal Symonette-Dixon (Actor/ Writer) is a native of New York City.  He has a BA in English from Morehouse College and a M.A. in Philosophy from Columbia University.  In just a short amount of time upon arriving to Los Angeles (January 16, 2005) Kamal was able to create a major buzz in the Hollywood comedy scene.  Within just a year of featuring his live sketch... more››

heru ptah

Heru was born and raised in Jamaica. He migrated with his family to the US at an early age. His infectious inflections first infected mics with Spoken Word in the cafes of New York City when he was a teenager. Currently the firebrand poet/ laureate is rhyming his way to the top. Whether on the page or on the stage his raw energy hits you like 50,000 volts of voltage. His first book... more››