2003 Nuyorican National Slam Team


Photo: Clare Ultimo
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anacoana (Alternate)

A bio of Ana was unavailable at the time of this publication. But we do know that she presently a very happy mom.

julian curry

Julian Curry started writing poetry in 1999. Besides receiving the 2003 crown at the Nuyorican, he was also the 2003 Bowery Poetry Club Co-Grand Slam Champion. His poetry is a glimpse into the inner city, Wall Street, family, and a regular guy’s everyday life. Originally from the Bahamas, Julian now calls Harlem his home. He has been featured in "Forbes" Magazine & on... more››

carlos andrÉs gÓmez

Carlos Andrés Gómez, an award-winning poet and actor from New York City, has been described as “raw and intense...a rebel Don Juan with a sensitive edge” (Underrated Magazine).  A former social worker and teacher, he has performed at over 100 colleges and universities and toured across North America, Europe, the Caribbean,... more››


For a time, Kenaya was also known as "Hostage" on the poetry scene and an update to his recent whereabouts is unavailable at this time. What we do know is that he has featured at poetry events out of "World's End Books & Music" in Beacon, NY and that he's now married to Angel Maldonado, his poetic partner. Seeing Kenaya on the Finalists Stage at Nationals ... more››

jive poetic

"Jive Poetic will write until he flatlines"...   

From his hometown in Buffalo, NY to London, England Jive has ignited microphones with humorous wordplay and thought provoking verbal display. During a lengthy deliverance of revolutionary regression, to teen suicide and sex, he opts to teach the masses a lesson in life. His incentive? Watching the... more››