1996 Nuyorican Grand Slam Finale


Participant names for this Slam were taken from Bob Holman's journals published in the book "Slam" which was the screenplay and journals of the film of that same name. Directed by Marc Levin, "Slam" was a winner at both Cannes and Sundance. Saul Williams play Ray Joshua, gifted poet and rapper, who changes his life and the lives of others through "the word". Get the film here

ercuement aytac

Ercuement Aytac was the Austrian "Grand Slam Champ", and probably the only native Austrian that ever competed in a Nuyorican Grand Slam Finale. If you're out there, Aytac, update with a pic and bio!

Photo was taken from 1996 Grand Slam video footage by Tom Poole. 

jessica care moore

See 1996 National Slam Team.

MuMs da schemer

See 1996 National Slam Team.

carmen renee

Current bio and photo were not available for Carmen Renee at this time. If you're out there, please email us with an update!

beau sia

See 1996 National Slam Team.

jamaal st. john

See 2000 National Slam Team.

saul williams

See 1996 National Slam Team and 1996 Grand Slam Champion.