2000 Nuyorican Grand Slam Finale


This was the year I created the "SlamBook", our one-and-only Nuyorican Poetry Slam magazine, instead of an evening program. All the 2000 Grand Slam participants are included in it. To find out more about the "SlamBook" see the Verbs Media page.

Poets submitted these bios to me for the 2000 "SlamBook", so they may not reflect projects and accomplishments since that time. See each individual listing for more recent links and projects.

bryonn bain

...is an aspiring metaphysician who used to lock lips with a lunar eclipse. He speaks the word like an architect hoping to contstruct projects of consciousness so when every brick is set, every story laid, every story told, our collective spiritual IQ's will rise through the sky as high as the highest PJ's from NY to PA to VA to GA to LA. Bryonn is a member of a Brooklyn based trio called Diorgen... more››

celena glenn

(Celena's original bio from 2000 program)

Was born in Alabama, moved to Texas went to elementary school in Germany, graduated High School in New Jersey, and attended Memphis College of Art. She eventually found her way home to the Big Apple in 1998. Celena is both a visual and spoken word artist. Her interest in poetry led her to the Nuyorican and after becoming a regular slammer, she began hosting the Wednesday night slam.... more››

nathan p

Nathaniel Pearson Jr., (aka Nathan P. aka Sheer Madness) began writing poetry during the summer of 1999. At this point, he has 105 completed poems, as well as several under construction. With a style that tells a story "with a twist", Nathan tries to paint a portrait for the listener or reader. Being neither a "teacher or a preacher", he just tries to put an idea before you to let you draw your own... more››


Straight out of Oakland, CA representing the new freestyle spoken word movement in Safahri Ra: poet, MC, actor, hip-hop teacher, host of many shows, best boxer and producer. He’s been soaking in the Oakland Artist community for four years experiencing the extreme fusion of hip-hop and spoken words. Always expressing his high time, spitting out all he's... more››

jamaal st. john

Is a 24-year-old native of New Rochelle NY who has been writing poetry since the age of 8. He has been performing spoken word poetry for the past 6 years. He has performed on stages from Trenton, NJ to Toronto Canada. He has performed at famous poetry venues such as the Apollo Theatre (Harlem,NY), The Nuyorican Poets Cafe (NYC) and the Brooklyn Moon Cafe (Brooklyn). He is a 3-time Nuyorican Grand Slam finalist and also made... more››