2006 Nuyorican Grand Slam Finale


Except for ShadowKat, poets submitted these bios to me for the 2006 Finale Program, so they may not reflect projects and accomplishments since that time. See each individual listing for more recent links and projects.

archie the messenger

At 22 years old, Archie has been involved in performance poetry for five years. He is a matriculating Junior at Morgan State University. From his hometown Buffalo, and from New York to Baltimore, Maryland ATM has used spoken word theatre as healing and entertainment for the urban community. Aside from being a student and performer, Archie The Messenger spends most of his time with his students at Baltimore... more››

mahogany l. browne

See Wednesday Night Slam Open Host, Friday Night SlamMasters, 2006 National Team and ... more››

rob hylton

Rob Hylton” Jamaica born/ America made teacher of English. National Slammer, repping NJ since 2003. “Spent my Thursday nights reciting poetry at Bogies (in East Orange NJ) before Def Poetry, before everyone had venues that lasted two weeks, before people started forcing it...where I first met Sarah Jones, Mums,... more››


Noodles, born St. Louis”¦ first found his love for music and poetry in hip hop. Began writing rhymes & freestyling around the age of 12 & by the age of 20, Noodles had co-founded The Underground Preservation Society (UPS Productions), That One Productions, St. Locc Record, & in 2003 he co-founded the national touring hip-hop crew The Royal Illete. The Illete have two... more››


ShadoKat burst upon the spoken word scene in 2003 immediately made a run to the semi-finals at the Nuyorican. Since then, his metaphoric hip-hop style and cynical humor have earned him acclaim from the US to London and Australia. ShadoKat performed with Ras Baraka on the Hip Hop for the People... more››