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Nuyorican Poetry Slam Video Clips
This clip library will grow over time. In order to meet launch date deadline for this site and continue work on other related media, here's an initial sampling of our moving images:

Archival Footage:
     Around the Cafe in 1990
     SlamMaster Bob Holman
     SlamMaster Keith Roach

Grand Slam Champions
     *Reg E Gaines
     Regie Cabico
     Kirk Nugent
     Bryonn Bain
     Mayda del Valle
     Kahlil Amustafa
     Daniel Beaty
     Aja Monet

National Team Members
     *Beau Sia
     Steve Colman
     Jamaal St. John
     Carlos Andres Gomez
     Jive Poetic
     *Big Mike

SlamMasters As Slammers
     Felice Belle
     Nathan P.
     Mahagony Browne

*Adult Language

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The video introduction to Nuyorican Poetry Slam is in production. As soon as it's available for public sale, we will post a notice here. All proceeds will be given directly to the Nuyorican Poets Cafe Poetry Slam program.
The Handbook
of Nuyorican Poetry Slam
A Companion to "Verbs on Asphalt" The Handbook, will be an inside look at Nuyorican Poetry Slam, with interviews, photos and a special focus on using Poetry Slam in the classroom for educators.
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